Monday, May 25, 2009

Kaylie in The Wizard of Oz

Kaylie was a poppy in the Wizard of Oz for dance! Her cousin Alexa was a tornado and jewel, it was soooo much fun!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Sorry these pictures are out of order 

The girls reactions to It's a Small World ride

 We had so much fun last weekend! We decided to take a trip to Disneyland. We told the kids but they didn't know what Disneyland was so there were no expectations, just excitement! We stayed at the Virgin River on our way down to California in Mesquite. Let's just say our room was worth every penny.....We went to bed and Kaylie was really excited to be in a hotel room until...I laid down on something that stabbed me in the back, I thought it was some used needle or something so I made Jeff come and see what had got me. There was a huge sticker weed that was in my sheets that poked me pretty good! After that we could hear our neighbors....Kaylie said, "Is that a baby crying?" Jeff and I couldn't stop laughing, needless to say that night was memorable. We left first thing in the morning and made our way down to Anaheim. We decided to stay at a better hotel than the first and upgraded our reservations to the Hyatt. Great decision! The shuttle at the hotel left every half hour for Disneyland so we went and came as we felt like it. We watched the Celebrate you parade the first day and watched the fireworks both nights. The girls LOVED the fireworks! Tinkerbell came flying across the fanasyland castle as it was all lit up at the end. Kaylie thought that was pretty neat. Other than that the girls really loved the rides! Ashley loved the Matterhorn, she was just barely tall enough to go on it and Kaylie was the best rollercoaster buddy! She went on anything she was tall enough to go on and kept asking what the next ride would be. Ashley thought everything was beautiful, she must have repeated that a thousand times and she also kept saying,  "this is fun, and I happy!" I could go on and on but my favorite moment was when we were all done with Disneyland and we were leaving the park after the fireworks I looked over at Kaylie and she was hugging Jeff and looking back at the castle all lit up with tears streaming down her face. I asked her what was wrong and she said she missed Tinkerbell. She kept saying she wasn't sad and she didn't know why she was crying but when we got back to our hotel she put her mickey ears on the nightstand and hopped into bed, in the morning she jumped up to see if there was any pixie dust in her hat and then ran to the window to see if there was any pixie dust on the window. She thought tinkerbell would come and leave pixie dust in our hotel room before we left. So cute!

Kaylie and Ashley waiting for the shuttle

Kaylie got picked to get in the conga line at the parade

Family picture with Mickey

The teacups

Kaylie got her face painted at the princess fantasy fair

Princess fantasy fair
Ashley told the lady her favorite princess was Barbie :)


Snow White


Ashley and dad watching the fireworks

A "beautiful" moment for Ashley

The girls watching the fireworks

On the way home, all tuckered out!

We stopped to visit our cousins!

The girls had just as much fun with their cousins as they did at Disneyland! WE had SOOO MUCH FUN!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cute girls :)

My girls LOVE group HUGS!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So Scary!!!

If I would have known what was going to happen today when I woke up I would have stayed home and made my girls snuggle me all day long!!!!!!!!!!! We went grocery shopping and both the girls were in the shopping cart sitting quietly in the back. I was looking at the dips Macey's has and turned around just in time to see Ashley trying to climb out of the cart, I couldn't get to her in time and her head went splat on the floor. I screamed at the top of my lungs as I tried to catch her making the whole entire store come running. She was crying so hard and SO WAS I! Some sweet lady came running over and just hugged us both trying to comfort us. And all the while my sweet Kaylie kept telling me it was all her fault, if only she had been watching her better. What a sweet kid! It was so not her fault! Ashley just kept screaming owie, head owie! I HATE it when things like this happen. She soon fell asleep so she has me worried about a concussion. I keep prying her eyelids open to check her pupils. What in the world would I do without my girls?!?!? Now my poor baby has a monster goose egg and I couldn't do a thing to stop it! I cried my way through the store to the check out counter and EVERYONE just stared at me frozen in place. I didn't care one bit! Who cares about a little embarrassment when your kid is hurt? Now after Instacare and the ER we are keeping a close eye, did I mention her right eye is swollen almost completely shut!, on our little stinker as she does have a concussion and will need to be woken up every four hours tonight.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ashley is so funny!

So I'm really behind with my posts due to the fact that we didn't have the internet forever and our computer crashed and I lost my camera..... That being said so much has changed since this summer for our family. Ashley is getting so big and has such a cute personality! She is very different from her big sister! She loves to explore things and gets into a little bit of trouble at times. She is very quick to give you a big smile and say, "I'm sorry, it's okay, don't be sad". (While she is stroking the side of your face!) I love love her! Here are a few pictures that explain a lot better than my words can! ENJOY!

Ashley watched Kaylie open her stocking then snuck over to get the goods when Kaylie wasn't looking!

I think she stayed in this doll playpen all day long!

She looks so cute and innocent right?!

She stuffed her sock monkey in the garbage can, then climbed in and....

Pulled almost the whole roll of toilet paper off and stuffed it around her.

Ashley eating her PB&J, well sort of she was stuffing peanut butter in her belly button!

We love our crazy sweet little Ashley!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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Dancing is FUN!

Kaylie started taking dance at The Ruby Shoes Dance Studio where she is learning all kinds of skills! Her favorite part besides the actual dancing is getting ready for dance and then of course she stays in her "ballet-a-tard" all day! Thank you mom for taking these pictures for me since I lost my camera! This was her outfit of choice for her second dance class! Note that in her pose she is making a sunshine with her arms and a diamond with her legs :)

Christmas Cuties!

Kaylie"s new world!

My girls

My girls